YES Amsterdam

The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

SNCC offers you a great opportunity – join Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam! You will learn how to choose a business model, write a business plan, where to find funding for your business and a lot more! You will be introduced to the modern theories and practices that will help you to develop your skills in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Did you know that Amsterdam is one of the largest start-up hubs in the world? Join the Workshop to learn all the opportunities in Amsterdam for young entrepreneurs! Are you looking for an international network? This course will provide you with strong prospects for networking! Efficient workshops is offered to young leaders of any background and introduce various aspects of youth entrepreneurship with the special emphasis on how to move from theory to practice in the field of youth entrepreneurship.


The program will start on Sunday and finish on Friday. The brief description of the activities for each day is below. The YES Amsterdam is a 5 days workshop– join us for the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam and be empowered! Benefits of participation: An award of participation, an online resources, a paid volunteering opportunity, a chance to participate in the full scholarship to our next conference.

Let's be empowered!

Join other young people and entrepreneurs globally in the Youth Empowerment Summit in Amsterdam. Development of youth entrepreneurship is an effective way to contribute to the economic development of the community! Young people – young leaders – are the key mechanism for such development. The Workshop will allow you to unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

YES ticket is 650 ($712) for 5 days. The package in the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit ticket includes the following:
This is a full pass to attend all sessions and workshops in the 5 days Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and qualify for an award of participation.
Your workshop package includes a 5 days accommodation pass. Attendees will be provided with accommodation for the whole period of the program. Participants will stay at a Guest House in the rooms for 2 people. The accommodation in a single room can be arranged for additional payment. Attendees will have access to the kitchen which they can use in case of need. The accommodation is well connected by public transport with all the touristy places in the city. During the program, the trainings will be conducted in the classroom which is in walking distance from the Guest House. 
This package includes the provision of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You are entitled to three meal a day for 5 days of your conference attendance.
Book your spot at the forthcoming conference by paying 50% of your ticket or pay fully for your conference ticket now.

Conference map

This map shows and identifies the location of the YES Conference in Amsterdam. Join us for the next conference in YES Conference.
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