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Calling all youths, change makers and young ambassadors who are already changing the world or who want to change the world! You need to know about Youth Empowerment 2021 Conference – a leadership conference for youth who care about community service and social justice. At YES 2021 conference, you’ll have a blast meeting like-minded change-makers and building the skills and confidence to make a big difference on a cause you care about, like helping people who are less fortunate or protecting the children and the environment.

Be A Speaker

Speakers: there is an opportunity for you to be heard by hundreds of young change makers and receive award for your outstanding speech at the conference. Hundreds of young change makers globally are excited to listen to experienced change makers and learn from them-- Become a role model by making a difference in the lives of many youth.... REGISTER

Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt -- Come with your talent to the conference. There will be a special recognition and award for talented youth and change makers, for their outstanding skills and talent. You will have an opportunity to become a role model to other young aspiring change makers with your outstanding performance... REGISTER

Inspiring Activists

Activist-- We know that there are millions of change activists in the world, fighting for what they believe in and what can change the lives of children and young people in the world. We want to hear what you believe in. Inspire other young change makers, who are aspiring activists in your fight for humanity! JOIN US


Good News!

There is sponsorship opportunity for outstanding and proactive SNCC ambassadors. To be eligible for sponsorship, you must:

  1. Be a full member of SNCC ambassador of change
  2. Be actively engaging in change making in your country
  3. Must have submitted your change making portfolio

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Sponsor A Change Maker

SNCC has four Kinds of Sponsorships

  • Financial Sponsors.
  • Media Sponsors. .
  • In-Kind Sponsors. An in-kind sponsorship is an arrangement where the sponsoring business provides goods or services in lieu of direct financial support.
  • Promotional Partnerships

To help us meet up 100 ambassador of change to attend YES2021 Canada, Kindly Sponsor a change maker.

Other Activities

The cultural day is a very remarkable day with all attendees beaming in their colourful native attires from different countries and different culture. The organizers of the Youth Empowerment 2021 Conference think it beautiful to dedicate a day at the conference to culture, where participants in the forthcoming YES 2021 conference will celebrate culture and art, peculiar to their countries. Attendees and speakers are welcome and encouraged to celebrate their diversity by dressing in their cultural attires. Interested attendees can perform in activities that showcase their culture.

Cultural Day

In our world today, every society is guided by unique values, customs and traditions. These unique characteristics generally form the culture of a group or country. The cultural day aims to showcase the rich culture in each attendees' country history. A typical African is proud of his rich cultural heritage. Bring your cultural heritage to light.

Voice- Out

Enlighten the audience by speaking on ways your country's culture and tradition adversely affects children and young people and speak on innovative ways to address this. Be a voice that counts. To register to speak on the cultural day, indicate the topic and day.. Register

YES Conference map

This map shows and identifies the location of the YES 2021 Conference in Canada. Join us for the next conference in Canada.

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