About Women Inspires Network (WIN)

Welcome to Women Inspires Network Page. Women Inspires Network is a talk show to showcase and interview inspiring women all over the world. Join us in the first online interview of Women inspires network to listen to an amazing woman who brave all odds to become a motivating personality in the society. It dawn on one inspiring woman to reach out and interview other great and inspiring woman like herself.

“We have beautiful and inspiring women who inspires people and their communities globally but aren’t recognized at all, for their work and service to humanity. It is an honour to identify and interview such inspiring women,”. 

Oluwadamilola Oyebanji

Who is the Initiator of Women Inspires Network?

The initiator of Women Inspires Network is Oluwadamilola Taiwo Oyebanji, the founder of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation, SNCC Ambassador of Change and Women Inspires Network. She is a child advocate, women advocate and a humanitarian from Nigeria. Her life has been a struggle from childhood and she has experienced a lot of abuse and injustice as a girl to adulthood.

Oluwadamilola Oyebanji

Oluwadamilola was a victim of gender inequality, child abuse, rape and others. Her passion to create change and make a difference in the world started from childhood because of the injustice and abuse she experienced as a child.

Women Interviewed On WIN

Our first interviewee is Sera Kazmi. Sera Kazmi suffered bullying as a child because of her condition. She had a disability and wasn’t able to speak. But now, as an adult, her voice of activism echoed the world.
When sera was a child, one of her teachers believed in her and helped her. The teacher didn’t give up on her because of her inability to speak and communicate which helped her find her way as a child. Now Sera has become the voice of million others by supporting and mentoring many children with disability. It’s an absolute pleasure to have her on Women Inspire Network to share her story.

Sera Kazmi

Interviewers On WIN

The first interviewer on Women Inspires Network (WIN) is Sehar Naz Janani. She is a young advocate and young leader in her community. Sehar Naz is one of the ambassadors of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation, the country coordinator of SNCC Ambassador of Change in Kyrgyzstan and the Global Secretary of SNCC Ambassador of Change. She is also the founder of Sapiens of abuse.

Sehar Naz Janna

What can you do

Tune in to listen to amazing women all over the world on Women Inspires Network or register to share your inspiring story.

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