The Untold Story

Local women leading humanitarian action — the untold story; women leaders like Oluwadamilola Taiwo Oyebanji, founder of SNCC Ambassador of Change, a unit of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation.

Oluwadamilola T. Oyebanji

A member of Community Engagement Team, Abuja Coalition, are examples of women as agents of change in the humanitarian sector.

There is increasing evidence that women’s leadership and involvement contributes to better disaster preparedness and risk reduction; more effective and efficient response, and stronger peace building.

Research on the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security provides evidence that women’s participation in peace processes is paramount to successfully reaching and implementing peace agreements.

For the past 3 years, oluwadamilola dedicated her life to fighting for the right of Children — especially children in emergencies.

SNCC Ambassador, Team Cameroon Publication

As a graduate student in economics; oluwadamilola could see that people with power and money had access to all the basic amenities of life; those in poor communities had to invest hours each day getting the minimum they needed to survive.

It was an injustice that moved her; as this affects the health, welfare, education and peace of children greatly — and one where, with her background;she felt she could make a difference.

And she has. From the capital to far-flung rural communities, Oluwadamilola has inspired young people to become change makers in their countries; positively impacting the lives of children.

Currently, she is working to improve access to quality education for children in rural settlements; improve accessibility to food and medicals in emergencies, and advocated for children’s right and safe sanitation.

Founder’s perspective

SNCCC set out to build a national team of effective local humanitarian responders; SNCC ambassadors of change.

She took it upon herself; by communicating and mentoring young change makers; not delegating the task to staffs. Thereby, having direct relationship with these young change makers.

Oluwadamilola became the key technical trainer;

  • Helped the country coordinators, national team and many community volunteers become experts in advocacy for the rights of children.
  • Creating mental health awareness among youth

“Traditional global humanitarian responses to emergencies do not strengthen our youths,” They weaken them by creating incompetency among local people.

Oluwadamilola Taiwo oyebanji

A local leader: Oluwadamilola Taiwo Oyebanji said; SNCC believes in building on local capacity; train and mentor young citizen to be productive and resourceful; positively impacting the lives of children in their societies through their advocacy activities.

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