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SNCC is one of the uprising advocates for abused children, less privileged children, and children with special needs and other developmental disabilities with a growing presence in Nigeria, Jordan, and other commonwealth countries. We have a passion to discover, nurture and mentor girl children, young women and help the less privileged children in Africa and globally through our constant supports and the active volunteering efforts of our ambassadors of change.

SNCC believes in discovering, building, mentoring, inspiring, and engaging young people to become active change-makers in their communities and countries. We reach out to these young people by promoting their volunteering activities and supporting them to achieve their set goals of becoming change-makers in their communities and globally.

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The education and welfare of every girl-child, young woman, less privileged children and children with special needs and developmental disabilities is our priority. SNCC Ambassadors work alongside us to overcome the obstacles that poverty, hunger, malnutrition, violence, disease, developmental disabilities and discrimination place in a child's path

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The advocacy actions of our ambassadors globally are outstanding and worth emulation. 

We recognize and showcase the change making actions of these ambassadors. 


Ambassadors volunteer to conduct outreach activities to raise awareness, sensitize schools, communities, and create positive changes with their volunteering activities. 


SNCC ambassador of change program is a one (1) year program set to end all violence against children, gender stereotypes in the community, and others It's a five months mentoring program, and one year active engagement.

Our Ambassadors

Wesam Altali
Country Coordinator, Jordan
Shaima Nasser1 (2)
Shaima Nasser
Country Coordinator, Yemen
peculiar caleb
Peculiar Caleb
State Coordinator, Nigeria
Sehar Naz Janani1
Sehar Naz Janani
Secretary, SNCC AOC
SNCC Egypt3
Mariam Gamal
Country Coordinator, Egypt
Wadni Jordan
Walaa Maher
Ambassador, Jordan
Hajer Khalid
Country Coordinator, Sudan
Rania Boublal
Rania Boublal
Country Coordinator, Algeria
SNCC12 (2)
Tembeng Ali-Ann
Ambassador, Cameroon
Advoacy art work of Olabode Oyebanji
Olabode's Advocacy Art
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Artwork to advocate against child abuse by Olabode Oyebanji

our latest causes

SNCC Egypt2
A chance for Girl-Children

Educate a girl-child, and you invest in a nation. Marrying off a girl at a young age of 15years old or less is a crime against the girl.

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SNCC Nigeria31
Elevate Education With Our Book Drive

SNCC Book Drive is dedicated to all public schools, most importantly, schools registered for the SNCC Kids Club

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Girl Platform1
Talent Hunt in Children

Talent hunt among children and young people has helped many of them to tap into their ability, therefore, becoming outstanding

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Many Children need your help

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My team and I in Jordan are devoted to prevent, eliminate and eradicate child marriage, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment affecting children - especially girls, children with special needs, disabled children. Join the Jordan team to make a positive impact in the life of a child.

Wesam Altali Country Coordinator, Jordan

It is my passion to end child labor in my country. My team and l are passionate about impacting children in my community. If given more support and more volunteers, my aim to end child labor in my country will come true. Join the Egypt team to end child labor in Egypt.

Mariam Gamal
Mariam Gamal Country Coordinator, Egypt
Most outstanding ambassador
Wesam Altali
Hi guys!

We are proud to introduce to you the most outstanding ambassador of change, 2019/2020. Wesam Altali is the country coordinator of Jordan. She has proved to be dedicated, diligent, and passionate about ending sexual harassment and other child-related challenges. She focuses on the less privileged, disabled, and sexually abused women. With the support of her team, Rasha Abbas and others, she was able to impact many children. Her advocacy actions impacted many. And, the change she creates will last a life-time.

Kudus to Wesam Altali

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As a young person, you can make your youth count in your community and country by joining other young change makers globally to make a positive impact in your country.

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Global Funding Network is dedicated to all SNCC Ambassadors of Change who are actively creating change in their community. It is based on 'Giving help to other ambassadors and getting help from other ambassadors'. Here, every SNCC Ambassador is getting opportunities to become empowered advocates of change with adequate financial and material resources. This helps them achieve the goal of the organization; to create a safe world for children therefore building a unique change in the world. To benefit from this community, Giving and Receiving work hand-in-hand to achieve success.

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