SNCC Ambassadors Team Buea Cameroon

Highlighting and showcasing the volunteering efforts and outreach activities of our ambassadors of change globally. SNCC Ambassadors of Change are young leaders and change makers from different commonwealth countries and globally.

Take a look at the dayly and weekly activities of SNCC and its ambassadors of Change. This is the highlights of the change- making and outreach activities of our ambassadors in their societies and countries. These change makers come from differs cultures, traditions, race, religion and beliefs but they all work towards the same goals, mission and objectives. Currently, our change- makers are located in all commonwealth countries, mostly developing countries that have high rate of gender inequalities, child abuse, girl- child early marriages, gender base violence (GBV) and more injustices in their societies.

SNCC ambassadors from Buea Cameroon extended their “non-formal education for IDP children” project to one of the biggest orphanages in Buea. They reported that, the orphanage comprises the following statistics; there are 55 orphans, 42 IDPs, 3 Couples, 11 caregivers and the orphanage is located in an area highly affected by the political crises.

Ann Amah and her team are promising young change makers, who reach out to their community even with the high risk and insecurities in the location they visit. They were able to establish that, many IDP kids have joined this orphanage over time and several of these kids have not been to school for over 3 years now and have had traumatizing experiences. Team Buea had time to do a need assessment from the children to know how they could assist them, especially the IDPs so that they can recover from their experiences,

With “Tambe Maggi Obi, Mbwoge Lydia, Azong Sharon, Suiru Nelly, Clara Nditewoh, Leticia Engwari, Moba Melvis, Ginibelle Fonjah, Amy Wenjem and Nange Sone in Buea, Cameroon.”

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