Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2020

15 March 2020
Sun 15,  10:00 am
      Mar 20,  5:00 pm
SNCC Partner

The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is a quarterly seminar and workshop, hosted in Amsterdam for all the entrepreneurials, individuals, young leaders, outstanding staffs and young people globally. It is an interactive, educating, informative and empowering five (5) days session in Amsterdam.

Are you looking for an international network? This course will provide you with strong prospects for networking!

Efficient workshops are offerred to young leaders of any background and the introduction of various aspects of youth entrepreneurship with the special emphasis on how to move from theory to practice in the field of youth entrepreneurship.

Development of youth entrepreneurship is an effective way to contribute to the economic development of the community! Young people are the key mechanism for such development. The Workshop will allow you to unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

The workshop is to converge all outstanding young change makers, entrepreneurials and other outstanding young people globally.
Let’s be empowered!
Join young entrepreneurials and young leaders globally in the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in Amsterdam. Read More…

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