Shaima Nasser

Shaima Nasser is one of the outstanding ambassador of change with SNCC and the country coordinator of SNCC Ambassadors of Change, Yemen.

She is a strong- willed young woman with good interpersonal relationship. She is always eager to help and support other ambassadors from her country and from around the world.

Shaima brought a meaning to SNCC Ambassador of Change in Yemen and globally with her selfless act to humanity, her willingness to always help and support every new ambassador of SNCC. She is selected among other outstanding ambassadors of change for the full scholarship to participate in the “Youth Entrepreneurship workshop in Amsterdam”.

Shaima is well known for her great leadership skills and empathy for the less privileged children.


Shaima’a Nasser is a graphic designer and also a graduate at the university, she worked for Social Fund for Development and received many honors for her sincere work. 

Shaima helping the less privileged woman and her children

After the war started, her intentions turned towards everything related to the affected children and women.

“I have been trying to help the displaced children by financing their basic needs as well as studies. I taught for free in my home. I am happy for the time spent, it is a work worth sacrificing”

Shaima Nasser

With the title of Ambassador of change in Yemen, Shaima said she is given a great responsibility, which has made her improve a lot of things in humanitarian services and she learned how to manage the the SNCC Ambassadors of change team Yemen and reach out to people in need.

“I will continue to help children in Yemen with the little i have, even if it is the simple things. The smile on the faces of these children, is true happiness. And i hope to achieve something for them”

Shaima Nasser
Shaima Nasser and her team of change makers

With her in Yemen is another active ambassador of change, Ameera Ba-Fadhel, who believes every woman should be given an opportunity and they must all have an identity. She is speaking up for all women in remote areas in Yemen that does not have a means of identity and encourages them to have an identity.

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