Program Highlight

These are the highlight of our programs. Our programs focuses on young people in the community, thereby positively affecting and impacting children as well. Young people, especially females are believe to be a force that can bring about change in their societies and to the world, through their volunteering efforts and change making activities.

SNCC Ambassadors of Change

This program is for young young people, especially young female aged 18- 25 years old, who aspires to be change makers or who are already change makers and leaders in their countries and in commonwealth countries.

Be Unique

To be considered for membership and become an ambassador of change with SNCC, you must posses outstanding performance such as: Outstanding leadership portfolios, great response rate, active participation on our social media pages, active collaboration with teammates and organization

Young African Women Leaders

This program is to identify the outstanding work and contributions of every young African woman in the society and globally, recognize them and award their performance.

Be Celebrated

The Young African Women Leaders program is set to identify every female change makers and outstanding personality around the globe, who are contributing to the progress and growth of economic, social and humanitarian work in their countries, thereby impacting younger women and children to become better person(s) themselves. Qualities of a Young African Women Leader are as follows:

  • Be compassionate & articulated. Be an achiever. Be a role- model & a humanitarian. Be inspiring and motivating. Be an entrepreneur- an employer of labor

Girls Not Slaves

From our research, we find out that 80% of girls in developing countries are treated like slaves and unjustly. This program is to discover, identify and nurture every girl- child experiencing child abuse in their society.

Be Nurtured

Girls Not Slaves (GNS) is an initiative that reaches out to all the girl- children in the world, especially in the third world countries, nurture them through our ambassadors of change, assure and provide for them the basic things in life, such as:

A right to quality education. A right to good food. A right to a place to live. A right to be loved and nurtured. A right to speak and be heard.

Youth Empowerment Summit

The Youth Empowerment Summit is a yearly seminar and workshop, hosted in Amsterdam for all the ambassadors, young leaders, outstanding staffs and young people globally.

Be Empowered

The Youth Empowerment Summit is a interactive, educating, informative and empowering five (5) days session in Amsterdam, with our ambassadors of change, outstanding young leaders and outstanding staffs of organizations and NGO. The Conference is to converge all outstanding young change makers and other outstanding young people globally to jointly identify and tackle different social and economic challenges affecting young people, to jointly implement laws and campaign that will cause positive changes in the society. Benefits of participation: An award of participation, an online resources, a paid volunteering opportunity, a chance to participate in the full scholarship to our next conference.

Let's be empowered!

Join 100 young ambassadors globally in the first Youth Empowerment Summit in Amsterdam.

YES 2020

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