Mariam Gamal

(Country Coordinator- Egypt)

Mariam Mahmoud is from Cairo in Egypt. She is planning to offer psychological and educational sessions for parents of children that are not in school.

Mariam intends to counsel parents, in order for them to appreciate the importance of their children’s education.

Change Project

She said, her change project is called, “Our Tomorrow”. Her long-term plan is opening up a wide-spread learning centers all over Egypt, that basically target poor children.


  • To provide a learning opportunity for the less privileged children.
  • Makes education very cheap for the less privileged children that can not afford to pay school fees.
  • To prepare and counsel parents on the importance of sending their children to school.


  • To open up one learning center in Matarya district, where she belongs to.
  • To reach- out to the children and their families.
  • Expand to more marginalized areas, especially in rural areas, where the children’s illiteracy and child labor are so significant,
  • To partner with other on-campus clubs and associations, so as to reach- out to more children and parents.
  • Recruiting more teachers in the learning centers, thereby creating employment opportunities for other women.
  • Ultimately, I want to create a community, where more children go to school to get quality education.
  • To empower children by teaching and training them on a lot of skills.


In general, Egypt has huge numbers of drop out children from schools and learning institutions.

According to an announcement made by the Egyptian Education Ministry, as many as 55,000 children in Egypt dropped out from schools, only in the last 2 years.

This takes us to another problem, which is child labor. Child labor is continuously increasing in Egypt, as per a survey made by UNIECEF in 2014.

About 1.6 million Egyptian children are involved in child labor, some factors that triggers my passion towards solving this problem.

The Injustice these children faced are numerous, and some of these injustice are as follows:

  • Child labor
  • I see them selling on the street, instead of enjoying their childhood and getting a good quality education.
A boy hawking on the street during school hour

During my volunteering experience in 2016 at Parikrama learning Center in Bangalore in India, I saw what a wonderful and great job they are doing with the children there.

In Bangalore, they are ceaselessly and actively working on providing children with quality education and decent life.

Factors contributing to lack of children’s education
  • Education-realted expenses such as transportation.
  • Lack of food.
  • Poverty.
  • Lack of good healthcare.

The problem is not about providing free education, as we already have free education in Egypt, but it is about conquering the other factors listed above, that hinders the children and discourage their families from sending them to schools.

Mariam Gamal Mahmoud

Mariam says, she believes her project will trigger or creates an awakening call for every child and parent in Egypt, and encourages the children’s families to let their children enjoy the basic rights of a child. She believes, for a country to develop, it has to invest on the children.

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