Afungfege Evita

(Country Coordinator- Cameroon)

Project Description

Outstanding SNCC Ambassador of Change Applicant

Afungfege Evita is a citizen of Cameroon. Her “Change Project” is to produce a documentary on “Surviving as a girl child” in her community. She spoke on the anglophone crises in Cameroon.

Anglophone Crises and its effects on the community

The Red Dragons, Tigers and Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) – these are just some of the armed groups which have sprung up to fight for independence in English-speaking parts of Cameroon.

Ambas do not steal goats, fowls, pigs and cows, it has never been heard any where that they have raped a woman before this war.

Ambazonia war is a liberation struggle but unfortunately, thieves have infiltrated their ranks, leading to more killings that are radicalizing the youths.

In September 2017, separatists in the Anglophone territories of Northwest Region and Southwest Region (collectively known as Southern Cameroons) declared the independence of Ambazonia and began fighting against the Government of Cameroon.

Effects of Anglophonic crisis

Afungfege said, she is living in a community where over:

  • 700 youths has died
  • 60,000 thousand have migrated into Nigeria to seek refuge
  • And many others internally displaced.
  • Displacement of children and young people
  • Children and young girls are psychologically frightened.
  • The crisis has been ongoing for the past 4 years.
  • The anglophone crises causes fear for children and younger girls.
  • Girls rarely play outside to avoid being rape
  • Some children stopped school to avoid attacks on the street.
  • Majorly, English speaking region, the Northwest and Southwest region are affected.
  • Migration is not an option.
  • People live in their community in panic and unrest.

Being a youth leader has opened my eyes to the injustice done to girls and young women, I realized girls and women are the most vulnerable during crises,they are prone to gender based violence and pregnancy as a result of rape.

Afungfege Evita

Using video I will make a documentary on “HOW TO SURVIVE IN CRISIS AS A GIRL CHILD”.

The documentary will serve as an awareness campaign for girls and women in the affected regions of Cameroon. This project will engage over 100 girls and women affected by the crisis in one way or the other interviewed and bring up precautions to avoid other young girls experiencing gender-based violence and rape.

Afungfege interviewed several children and young girls, one of the children she interviewed is Ngwa Gift she is 11 years old living in Bamenda Cameroon.

Ngwa Gift is a victim of the Anglophone crisis which has been going on for the past four years in cameroon, this has affected her studies and education extremely. She skip school several times, as a result of fear, which affects her psychologically.

Afungfege Evita is a passionate youth leader in Bamenda Cameroon and an advocate for change in her community. She interviews girls and young women about the injustice caused by gender stereotypes and other social challenges. Afungfege Evita is a strong contender in the SNCC Ambassador of Change Program.

Project Details

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Ambassador:Afungfege Evita

Project Submission Date:June 3, 2019

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