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Salamatu Yunusa GALADIMA Salamatu Yunusa GALADIMA from Kaduna wrote on June 19, 2020 at 10:13 am:
No matter how you try to associate Rape and it causes you unveil thousands reason we all have a part to play to end this menace which totally have no justification. To begin drug misuse and drug abuse/Increase intake of steroids is largely a factor contributing to this form of gender violence(RAPE). You walk on the street regardless of the hour of the day, and you see youths lining up to buy all sort of concoction from an elderly women,young women etc,who mix all sort of substance in different shades of container,called energiser etc.Then I wonder, after taking all this, what do you expect? When the sanity is absolutely gone. Access to intoxicating substance is so easily available which is absolutely not good to our society. I think it is very important that the government look into it. Selling of both local and modern intoxicating substance should be seriously checked,and all leakage be blocked. Our celebrities very influential sponsoring #tags campaign should do their best to avoid video clips that exposes the youths to taking illicit substance and so much sexualization, because the offence of Rape and gender violence is prominently associated to drugs/steroid consumptions and virtualization of sexual urge. The videos should depict some sense of dignity to woman body rather than what we see.Because whether we like it or not our youths learn so much from this videos clips. Government should do their best to censor music videos,films,social media etc because what you see gradually become what you become or what you want to become,the society is badly expose to factors increasing the rate of Rape and gender violence. This is no time for blame games,It is time to call a spade,Spade and do the best to shut down systems that is exposing the youths and making the children and everyone victim of this menace#End Rape now! #It is Time to Act!
Uba Osita Uba Osita from Abuja wrote on June 18, 2020 at 7:21 am:
Rape is not just an act as many people think, rape is beyond an act, it is an eternal stigma on the life of that victim, aside the normal effects like pregnancy, STDs, etc. It renders the victim emotionally derailed and this could make that person unproductive for life or giving the victim a different perspective about sex and life in general, rape has led to victims changing from their normal way of life and behaving like animals opposite to their real character, I stand against rape, rape is not of God and whatever is not of God is not good.
Chioma Ogu Chioma Ogu from Kaduna wrote on June 17, 2020 at 11:43 am:
I stand against rape. Rape is evil, it is wickedness. When she says NO it means NO. Every rapist should face capital punishment. It may be 5 minutes of pleasure for the rapist but it has a life time effect on the one who is raped.
Atese Atese from Abuja wrote on June 16, 2020 at 9:22 pm:
Rape is inhuman, rape is demeaning, rape is barbaric, rape is evil. Let us come together and fight to achieve a world void of rape!!!!
Hamza Mukhtar Usman Hamza Mukhtar Usman from Abuja wrote on June 16, 2020 at 4:06 pm:
Rape is a Human right violation that even the perpetrators will not accept it on his Sister, Daughter or even mother. Its only when you do to others what you want for yourself that you'll become Human. #RapeIsEvil
Babalola Oluwashola Amos Babalola Oluwashola Amos from Kaduna wrote on June 12, 2020 at 8:42 pm:
I Babalola Oluwashola Amos join the million people all over the world again Rape.
Success Odukogbe Success Odukogbe from Abuja wrote on June 12, 2020 at 9:35 am:
Rape is an act that is not to be accepted and silent about in our society. The more we keep silent about This devilish act, the more it continues. So we say No To Rape, and urge as many as possible to help in this fight.
Amanze Jessica Amanze Jessica from Abuja wrote on June 12, 2020 at 9:32 am:
RAPE is a very terrible thing. We must say NO to RAPE and sexual abuse ...Everyone needs to come out so that we can protest against Rape. Rape victims are human too ,they can be your sister,friend,relative ,neighbour etc ...We have to stand out and fight this injustice and restore our Girl-child dignity .... SAY NO TO RAPE SAY NO TO SEXUAL ABUSE SAY NO TO VICTIMIZATION
savingachild Oluwadamilola Oyebanji from Fct- Abuja wrote on June 9, 2020 at 1:24 pm:
Fighting for what is right and just has been my dream since I was a girl because of my past experience. I was not only a victim of gender inequality but other injustice, rape not excluded. Today I stand for support and justice for every girls and women that is or was abused, raped and assaulted. I stand to give hope and raise fighters like me. And together, we stand to speak out. It's so disheartening that few days ago, a 22 year old undergraduate student of microbiology was brutally raped and beaten up by four men. Three days later, she lost her fight to live as she eventually lost to death. Again few days ago, another undergraduate, a muslim girl who covers her head from head to toe was also raped and butchered with knife therefore also lost her life instantly as death was not on her side. Now, I ask myself, for how long!! I was also a victim of rape when I was a girl... Abused, assaulted, wronged and looked down upon. But I say enough is enough. Enough to these wicked act against girl- children and women. Enough of sexual harassment and rape. SNCC Ambassador of Change in Nigeria are organizing a road walk to speak out against this grievous act and injustice called RAPE! Every woman is called to support us in this fight, no matter your race, color, location and belief. The girls that were raped and killed were sisters, daughters, friends to someone and mothers. It is time we stop turning a blind eye to this injustice as injustice against one woman is an injustice against all women. To support, kindly reach out by wearing a black t- shirt with a "Rape Stops Here" or just a black t- shirt and join us on a walk to protest against RAPE on the 13th June 2020. #rapestopshere
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