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A one-of-a-kind online designer community. It will be a global online marketplace, where people come together or individually to make a unique design, sell, buy, and collect unique items.

We also encourage disabled women and outstanding designers that bring beauty and colors into their artwork and craft- work to come together as a group or an individual with their skills to reach out to millions of people in the world.

Quality Apprentice
Creativity 15810
Consistency 15810
Problem solving 15810
Able to take criticism 15810
Patience 15810
Good Communicator15810
Professional Attitude15810
Adore Challenges 15810
Push Their Limit15810
Passionate & Imaginative15810
TOTAL 105080100

Do you Qualify?

To be a designer for SNCC, you must possess the qualities listed above and your skill level must be between 80- 100.

Having passion is the greatest asset for a designer. Passion tends to be the main driving force behind creativity. What is the passion that pushes you or drives your creativity?

Interested in becoming the next designer for SNCC or sell your creativity on our platform! Call Mariam Gamal on +201203697470 or send your inquiry to info@savingachild.org

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