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Let's Stop and End the Chain of COVID-19 Infection Globally SNCC Ambassador Sensitization Program


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This is your opportunity to positively impact your community and make a difference in a world being infected with diseases, virus, pain and death.

To become a Goodwill Ambassador and make a difference in the world, community engagement and empowerment is very important to change behavior and stop the COVID-19 pandemic

Become An Ambassador to End Covid-19

The SNCC Ambassador Sensitization Program on Covid-19 is an online program will provide you with sufficient training on key aspects of the viral infection known as COVID-19 Virus and sufficient knowledge to empower you in your community-based advocacy on how to prevent and control the wide-spread of COVID-19. The course covers the introduction COVID-19, the chain of infection, how infectious diseases are transmitted and how to break the chain of infection through concrete preventive actions.A fter joining the SNCC Ambassador Community, go to Classroom.

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As an ambassador with SNCC, you are called to serve humanity at this crucial time of Corona Virus pandemic by staying informed so that you can use your knowledge of Covid-19 to save your community therefore saving the world.. Join the SNCC Ambassador Classroom to participate in the online training.

Advocacy for the end of Covid-19 Virus Classroom code- 6d75sqn

Join the SNCC Ambassador Sensitization Program to stay informed. and get a certificate of participation after the successful completion of the Courses. Be an advocate who makes a difference. Join the Youth Engagement and Advocacy Classroom code- svg5imd

Early Brain Development.. The early years of a child’s life are very important for later health and development. Learn how well a brain develops and the factors that depends on it. As nurturing and responsive care for the child’s body and mind is the key to supporting healthy brain development. Learn more about supporting early childhood experiences and much more. To enroll for this online training and receive a certificate of participation after the successful completion of the Courses, kindly join the Classroom: Child Advocacy- x2chu3v

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