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Membership registration is now open for Organization, NGO and Associations. Become a member of SNCC to participate and benefit in our programs that is only for partnering organizations. SNCC Membership is open to civic society and organizations committed to ending child marriage, child abuse, child labor and other child- related challenges.

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    Submit Your Application

    To become a member of SNCC, the first steps to take is to apply for membership.

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    Await Approval

    As we are a small team, please kindly understand the need for ample time to process your membership application and allow up to 8 weeks for your application form to be processed.

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    Save Time and Effort

    In order to respond to the membership high demand, after application kindly send an email to info@savingachild.org. Help us to fasten your membership application and better manage applications and growth of the membership and partnership.

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    Get Approved

    SNCC Membership is open to civil society organisations committed to working in partnership to end child marriage, abuse, child labor and other child- related challenges.

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    Endorsement and Certification

    All members must endorse our Mission Statement and Membership Principles. Certificates and Awards will be given upon your organization outstanding 1 year performance.

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