Ambassadors Eligibility Test

Become SNCC Ambassador of Change

SNCC Ambassador program is a program for young people aged 18- 25 years old from commonwealth countries. We are looking for young change makers in commonwealth countries, third world countries and globally.

Membership Criteria

To become a member of SNCC Ambassador of Change in Commonwealth countries, you must be eligible. Check your eligibility before you apply for the SNCC Ambassador of Change. You can only apply and be considered if you fall into the category listed below and you are eligible.

To qualify for selection and membership in the SNCC Ambassador of change program, you must posses

the criteria listed as follows:

  • Educational Requirement
  • Communication Skills
  • Initiative and Leadership Qualities
  • Leadership Task Portfolios

The basic educational requirements of an ambassador include a bachelor’s degree in politics, history or international relations. You should supplement these studies with undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships, and conferences centering on change making matters. A broad spectrum of knowledge on your country and the rest of the world is a vital quality for an ambassador. This information comes in handy during discussions, conferences, and collaborations with other ambassadors from across the world. SNCC in conjunction with its education partners offers undergraduate workshops and fellowships on international relations, change making workshops and youth empowerment programs.

Proper communication skills include both written and spoken language. For an ambassador it relates to imparting relevant information to your team members, public, country and other diplomatic forums. Good communication skills assist you to properly convey your country’s position on an issue and influence discussions to reflect positively on your country. Literary proficiency in more than one language is an essential tool. In addition to easing communications with other diplomats, it promotes a kind of conviviality, especially during sensitive discussions. We believe and classify efficient communication skills as the distinguishing factor between inferior and superior ambassadors.

The responsibilities of an ambassador include the management of both human and material resources, which includes the management of team members and other participants in participating countries. This post requires you to properly coordinate and direct others in the course of their duties. You need to exercise excellent leadership qualities in the application of good judgment in local and foreign interrelations with other change makers in your communities and globally. This determines the results of any decisions affecting your country.

Eligibility Test

Apply to become an ambassador, conduct your portfolio task and fill your eligibility test.