Affiliate Program Opportunity

As the global advocates for the end of child abuse, child marriage and other child- related challenges, who has ambassadors and young advocates of change located in Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria, Kenya, Jordan, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan and other common wealth countries.

The organization invites individuals, travel agencies and organizations to join our new affiliate program.

Our Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop and Empowerment Conference is coming up March, September and November 2020 respectively and we are inviting you to join SNCC in making the Workshop and Conference a success. SNCC is hosting 2 important conference in Amsterdam and Canada in 2020.

Join the SNCC Affiliate program & start earning points and commission today. You can use your website, blog or social media page. SNCC offers high commission rates up to 5- 10% of the youth entrepreneurship and youth empowerment conference ticket fees.
Interested?? Kindly read the instructions to know the category of conference audience we are looking for.

Target Audience:
1. Must be a female change maker
2. Must be actively involve in community service
3. Must be age 18- 35 and 36- 45years
4. Must be an undergraduate or postgraduate
5. If a male,
    a.) Must have a guarantor to guarantee his return back home to their countries.
    b.) The travel agency, organization and individuals referring the attendees must guarantee their return back to their countries.

YES Amsterdam
YES Canada Conference

For more information, kindly contact us by using the contact form or by email.


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