About Us

Mission, Vision And Goals

Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (SNCC) have a passion to discover, nurture and mentor a girl child, young women and help the less privileged children in Africa.
We are one of the uprising advocate for children with special needs and other developmental disabilities, with a growing presence in Nigeria, Jordan and other countries.
SNCC Ambassador of Change Jordan
We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress. The foundation was created with this purpose to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, hunger, malnutrition, violence, disease, developmental disabilities and discrimination place in a child’s path.
We focus on different programs and activities that create awareness  end gender stereotypes and other social challenges. support and nurture a girl child, young women and the less and privileged children in Africa.
SNCC Ambassador of Change Nigeria
Some of the programs are child security, ambassador programs and livelihoods programs.
Our programs tackle the root causes of social and economical challenges such as hunger, poverty, gender inequality and other SDG challenges.
Communities And Grassroots support.  We designed our grassroots program to encompasses a wide array of activities customized to meet a community’s specific needs.
To bolster agricultural production, jump-start local market activity, support micro-enterprise initiatives, enhance a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income.
Reach Out To Less Privileged Children
We support the less privileged children with medical, food, cloth, education, training and empowerment.
We seek the support of sponsors and volunteers to help us manage children with special needs such as Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Autism and other and developmental disabilities.
Our core vision is discovering talents in every young person in the society and globally.
Also, saving and caring for the less privileged and children with special needs- by creating an opportunity for hope to every less privileged child in Africa.
Evaluate Local Needs
Research And Evaluation
To determine the cause of child hunger in a given area, SNCC carries out comprehensive evaluations by collecting and analyzing key data on local assets, resources, and livelihoods strategies.
Our teams meet directly with community members to better understand local conditions and create a collaborative plan of action.
Respond to Emergencies
When disasters destroy infrastructure, food supplies or .violence forces thousands to flee.
And when drought disrupts food production that leads to hunger in children and malnourished children.
Short Term  Response
SNCC  respond with distributions of food, cash, and other items to prevent hunger in the short-term. We ensure that crops can be replanted for subsequent use and livestock reared for restock in the future.
Provide Long-Term Solutions
We designed a program in collaboration with local populations to resolve social and economic issues affecting children and young people.
Our strategies are context-specific: micro-grant support for families recovering from conflict, seeds and tools for agricultural recovery, livestock and veterinary services where needed, small business assistance, and other programs.
These programs help families regain self-sufficiency to provide basic amenities for their children.
To learn more about our work, visit the Services section
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